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Morning Sickness Relief
The ONLY Method Guaranteed Safe for Your Baby

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Anyone who's ever had morning sickness knows that it ought to be called "All Day Sickness!"

The most miserable thing about it is that
you can't take any medicine for it because drugs aren't safe for the baby

if herbal remedies haven't been tested and approved safe by the FDA -- you don't want to be experimenting with them at the risk of your child.  Just because it's "natural" doesn't mean it's safe!
Flexa plus
I'm going to suggest a remedy that is 100% safe for you and your child. 
There are no side-effects.
It doesn't mask your body's ability to determine safe & unsafe foods.
There are no risks whatsoever.
It is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE for everyone.
And it is GUARANTEED 100%!

Hypnosis for therapy has been approved by the American Medical Association since 1958 as an effective and valuable tool for the management of pain and nausea.  And with the audio CD "Relief from Morning Sickness" by acclaimed hypnotherapist Dr. Larry Volz, you can be feeling better almost immediately!

If you were to take drugs or herbal remedies to feel better it could mask your body's ability to communicate what you should and shouldn't be eating in addition to unknown risks to your baby.

"Relief from Morning Sickness"  works by eliminating the negative symptoms of nausea and discomfort associated with morning sickness by the power of suggestion.  This audio recording  helps your subconscious mind to visualize your baby growing inside of you, taking in love and nutrients, and recognize what you should be eating.  By using hypnosis, you are going to be more attracted to the foods that are good for your baby's health and feel so much better at the same time.

Women all over the World have used hypnosis for wonderful experiences in childbirth itself (check out www.hypnobirthing.com or any of the references below.  The author, Dr. Larry Volz teaches and certifies hypnotherapists to practice and has personally helped hundreds of new parents both in overcoming morning sickness and in bringing healthy, happy children into the World as a hypnobirthing instructor.

Hypnosis has been used for decades to relieve chemotherapy patients of nausea.  Dentists have used it for patients that are allergic to Novocain.  Several of the major cruise lines have used Mr. Volz's hypnotherapy CD's and lectures to help cruise ship passengers enjoy their trip without drug side-effects.  It has been proven safer than any other medical or herbal remedy for morning sickness again and again.

And it WORKS when nothing else does.

Order it now in Audio CD format

"I read everything I could find on morning sickness and tried everything I could find that promised to help -- from Sea Bands to Ginger Tea.  Only the "Relief from Morning Sickness" CD brought relief without any side effects."

- Wendy Neugent,
New Mother to Zachary Alan

For Expectant Mom's who smoke:

We all know how important it is to quit smoking when you are pregnant.  And once again, drug-based methods just aren't the safest way of quitting.  Hypnosis is.  And it works.  In fact television's 20/20 called it "The treatment of choice for quitting smoking" in the year 2000.

If you order "Relief from Morning Sickness" today,
we will include "Quitting Smoking the Easy Way" for only $5 more. 

That's 1/3 the cost of the regular MP3 price and less than 1/4 the price of the audio CD! 

This is our gift to you because we want you to be able to put the cigarettes away and deliver the healthiest, happiest baby you can. 

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