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Ending Substance Abuse
and Alcoholism

- By Dr. Larry Volz

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If you've tried to quit any kind of drug in the past then you know how difficult it can be.  You know the embarrassment and humiliation of feeling out of control.

I'm going to tell you what you need to do to quit any drug once and for all. Using this basic concept you may even be able to do it without the hypnosis and if so -- great!  Just e-mail me a thank you and that's enough.  And if you need the hypnosis CD to make it easier then it is here for you.
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The primary reason people have trouble quitting any drug is psychological more than it is physical.  Drugs have filled a need that you have in two ways:

You have used them to relax and de-stress
You have used them as a treat for yourself

And when people try to quit drugs they usually also try and quit treating themselves and taking breaks to de-stress.  That's where the problem lies.  The subconscious mind won't put up with that.  Our subconscious mind comprises 90% of our personality and it knows that neither you nor I are Superman. 

We ALL need breaks.  We ALL need to de-stress. 
And we ALL need to treat ourselves.

The secret is to learn how to do it in a different and healthier way. 

Think in terms of
"Instead of smoking a joint I'm going to take my little boy for a walk." 
"Instead of smoking crack I'm going to go to church with my family." 
"Instead of drinking I'm going to go outside and throw a frisbee with the dog."
"Instead of taking more pain medication I'm going to enjoy a nice hot bubble bath."

Make a list of things you like to do and number them.  Keep adding to it and keep it in a safe place.  When you feel like you need to treat yourself just look at the list and see what you'd like to do instead of poisoning yourself with drugs or alcohol.

When it comes to relaxing, the best method to de-stress in the World is self-hypnosis.  You can learn it through a book or see a hypnotherapist for lessons or use my CD's.  If you choose to use my CD's you can just sit back and follow the instructions to make changes deep in your subconscious mind sometimes, and sometimes just listen to what I'm saying so you can say it to yourself later on.

Hypnosis is a FANTASTIC help because it teaches your subconscious mind that it's okay to choose other reinforcers besides drugs.  Once your subconscious mind realizes your not giving up anything -- but TRADING UP for something better -- a powerful psychological change happens.  Instead of fighting with yourself, your subconscious mind becomes your best friend and helps you all the way.

The CDs that I am offering today are very similar in content to the kind of hypnotic induction that I charge $795.00 for in my private practice.  I've seen miraculous changes in crack addicts, alcoholics and every kind of substance abuser and you can take control of your life too. 

YOU CAN DO IT!  And I'd be delighted to help.

The cost of the CD's are $79.00.  That's 1/10 of what I charge for a customized session in-person and they have a very high rate of success. 

I could charge less, but commitment is important.  Whether it's live or for a CD, putting down a sum that you consider an investment creates an important psychological commitment to change.  If you are committed to change then they will work for you, but if you aren't committed enough to make this kind of an investment -- then I hope you will come back when you are ready.

Good luck in regaining control of your life, dignity and freedom. 

I hope I can help.

Larry Volz

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