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Easier, Safer,
More Comfortable Childbirth  Program

- With Dr. Larry Volz

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If you've seen the television programs or read articles on hypnosis for childbirth then you know what a phenomenal tool it is for mom's when they are in labor.  My favorite was the 20/20 segment when they showed a mom who was crowning but because of the hypnosis she was serene and focused and had an amazing delivery.  In the next room you could hear another mom screaming her head off!

Have you ever wondered why childbirth is so painful?  Why

would something so precious to us all be so painful?  And why is it that some women have it so much easier or harder than others?

Here's a simple equation that is at the heart of hypnosis for childbirth:

Fear creates tension and tension creates pain.


Home births with midwives only need to do episiotomies only about 3% of the time whereas doctors in hospitals perform them around 65-95%.  The reasons why are many--but one of them is that women who are more relaxed are more able to deliver naturally without intervention. 

Hospitals are NOT relaxing places.  We only go there when we or someone we know is sick or dying.  So frequently women who are progressing normally in labor tighten up and labor stops and stays stopped for hours the moment they get into the hospital setting.  Too often mothers' birth experiences are that of being yelled at to push, being pressured to hurry up, stuck in an uncomfortable (and less efficient) set of stirrups, hooked up to wires and stared at and probed by strangers. 

Of course most women are scared, stressed and tense and of course that effects the progress and success of labor.

Hypnosis is a combination of deep mental and physical relaxation and guided imagery that has been compared to the psychological equivalent of a deep body massage.  When the body relaxes as deeply as is possible through hypnosis, it makes the baby's passage through the birth canal so much easier.  It makes it much easier for the mom to focus more on opening up instead of pushing and the body can do the job it was made to do.  Fear-releasing suggestions made in the hypnotic state allow you to relax and trust in your body even further.

If the body is designed so well that it grows a child for nine months perfectly with all the miracles of biochemistry that entails -- don't you think it was made to deliver a child perfectly as well?

By being able to enter a hypnotic trance you will be able to relax more and allow your body to do it's thing in the same way thousands of generations of Mom's have been able to do before you with less need for medical intervention.

With hypnosis people have been able to numb their whole or parts of their bodies enough for dental work and even deep abdominal surgery without pain.  Stanford University did a study using hypnosis on kids with cancer and the patients actually preferred it to morphine!

Obviously, hypnosis is a perfectly safe form of anesthesia since there no drugs involved. 

It does take a little bit of practice, but anyone can do it.  Everybody can be hypnotized (with the exception of the seriously brain damaged) and with practice anyone can use it to relax deeply and lessen pain.

I will never promise anyone a painless childbirth with hypnosis. 

I WILL promise that my hypnosis CD makes it easier, safer and MUCH more comfortable and I will return the cost of the product if you aren't 100% happy with the results.

The CD program includes:

- Five different types of pain-relieving (analgesia) suggestions
- Two different types of suggestions to create numbness (anesthesia)
- Deep progressive relaxation exercises for the whole body
- Fear releasement techniques
- Guided imagery techniques
- Deepening techniques
- Guidebook for self-hypnosis
- Bibliography, links and information about other great resources for hypnosis for childbirth, alternative birthing positions for easier birthing, breastfeeding and turning a breach baby.

The CD cost is $59.99 + shipping and handling and you will absolutely love it.

Good luck with your upcoming blessed event!

- Dr. Larry Volz

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