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Breastfeeding Imagery and
Stress Relief

- with Dr. Larry Volz

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All breastfeeding experts agree that stress interferes with a woman's ability to nurse.  Many women have to use pumps in secret at their workplace because their employers don't support what they are doing.  Trying to rush and get back to work isn't conducive to letting the body work in it's most natural and efficient way. 

Any new mom is nervous about breastfeeding for the first time.  It's a learned behavior that isn't seen as much as it should be by women growing up in our society and it's not as easy as it looks.

The breastfeeding imagery and stress reduction CD does a couple of things for mom's who are breastfeeding.  First it enables you to relax -- that's a BIG deal!  Anyone who has every done a hypnosis session will tell you it's like the psychological equivalent of a deep body massage.  It feels great and takes all the stress away from your body very quickly.  Then I give you post-hypnotic suggestions to increase your self-confidence and therefore your ability to watch, listen and feel more keenly so you can get the knack of it.  Finally, I include imagery of your baby being with you and needing food and you being able to feed your baby successfully. 

The imagery enables you to let down milk just as surely as vividly imagining a lemon will make your mouth water.

The CD includes both  a twenty minute thorough hypnotic induction and a "quickie" ten-minute "quickie" session for mothers on the go.

The cost of the CD is only $25.00 plus shipping and handling
and I guarantee it will help you or I will refund the entire cost of the product!

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