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Quitting Smoking for Pregnant Mothers

by Dr. Larry Volz

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What could be a more important reason to quit than the safety of your unborn child?  You know that.  Deep down you know how important this is and yet you've had trouble doing it.

This program will help. 

Hypnosis is the number one most effective way of quitting smoking and the imagery and suggestions on this CD are specifically designed for pregnant mothers. 

"Quitting Smoking for Pregnant Mothers" is the only program of its kind offered anywhere.  It was designed after hundreds of successful personal one-on-one sessions with pregnant mothers and utilizes several types of hypnotic suggestion to make it easier for you to quit.

Even if you think you have no willpower
you CAN do it with our help.

Quit smoking right now because you love your baby.

Order "Quitting Smoking for Pregnant Mothers" now
and we'll make it easy.


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