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Effective Stress Reduction

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"Stress is directly linked to heart attacks among other health problems and is therefore one of the top causes of death in the World today."

Dr. Larry  Volz,

Stress has also been linked to back pain, ulcers, and many other ailments.  Think about it:  If five people are in a room and one has a cold two people may get it and the other two may not.  Why?  One reason is that when people are stressed it reduces their body's ability to fight off infection.

I once had a client come to me with a urinary tract infection.  She had been to doctors again and again and she'd treat it and it would come back over and over.  She realized that she would always get the UTI in times of higher stress in her life.
We put in her into hypnosis and gave her stress-reducing suggestions and the very next day the UTI vanished.  In two years she has not suffered from it again even once!

Her body's resistance was lowered because of stress and an opportunistic organism (the UTI virus) took advantage of her.

Hypnosis is the best treatment for stress there is.  My hypnosis CD use a combination of progressive relaxation techniques and creative visualization.  People rave about how wonderfully relaxing the process is and invariably sleep like a baby that night.  Just going into the altered state of hypnosis is enough to reduce your stress level all day.  In my stress reduction CD I also include posthypnotic suggestions to help you maintain that relaxed demeanor and let problems and pressures just bounce away.

That way, you can be at your best and handle everything that comes at you with calm confidence and really enjoy life all the more!

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