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"Larry has been very helpful in offering his hypnotism for seasickness seminar.  Last cruise he successfully treated 120 guests--almost half my passenger load!  My only wish is that his contract was longer.  My staff will miss him and want to thank him for a job well done."

Michael Shapiro, Cruise Director  -- Radisson Seven Seas Cruise Lines

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Freedom from Motion Sickness

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"It's not an inner ear problem."

- Dr. Larry  Volz

I've heard physicians say it again and again as they profit writing prescriptions for Dramamine and Meclazine to treat the symptoms instead of the cause and leave the patients with side-effects that ruin a cruise vacation.

Answer this:  If it's an "inner ear thing" then why do people get motion sick when they are passengers, but never when they are driving?

It's because subconsciously people feel out of control when someone else is at the helm.  We may be afraid of sinking, falling or crashing depending on the type of travel.  Since we are taught to not acknowledge that fear it surfaces as symptoms of nausea. 

In my travels as an itinerate performer and lecturer on hypnosis I came up with a very simple and very effective treatment for motion sickness.  I bring people into a wonderful, relaxing hypnotic state and teach the subconscious mind to associate the motion of movement with the calm serenity of being rocked as a child.

It works.  It works like a charm.  80% of the people that attend my lectures & group hypnosis sessions on cruise ships either suffer no sea-sickness or much less intense symptoms.   Follow-up research has indicated that even with just one session many people find themselves permanently cured of motion sickness!

I had one passenger tell me he was a naval officer and had suffered from sea-sickness for 30 years.  (Don't ask me why he didn't change professions…)  Hypnosis cured him in one session!

Hypnosis is safe and easy.  There are no possible down-sides.  You can't get stuck in hypnosis.  It can't make you do anything you don't want to do.  And everyone can be hypnotized.  There are no nasty side-effects like there are with many drugs and you cannot overdose.

Don't suffer from motion sickness.  Free yourself to enjoy travel the way others do.  Free yourself from side-effects that get in the way of the happiness you deserve.  Try my hypnosis CD and relieve motion-sickness today.  You'll be glad you did.

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